IVD Optimisation

IVD Optimisation

What we do for companies is to analyze and implement the best practices in the optimization of the work of human resources, processes and the technologies and methodologies used, in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • According to numerous studies in business, labor productivity, especially in Eastern Europe, is around 50%, which leads to extremely low efficiency and high costs.
  • Are you running an organization that does not have clear rules, procedures and obligations?
  • Don't have the resources to analyze your company's activity performance objectively and professionally?
  • Looking for efficiency, quality and quick results from staff efforts?     
  • Is there a change coming up in your company and you want it to happen in the best and most efficient way?      
  • Do you need an unbiased and professional manager to hire for a project or subscription basis?


  • Analysis of the company's efficiency in terms of management, resources, processes, procedures, production.
  • Optimization of business, production and management processes and procedures.
  • Optimization of organizational structure, positions and personnel.
  • Implementation of business, production and management processes and procedures.
  • Cost reduction, through optimization.
  • Change and transition management.
  • Processes Standardization and simplification.
  • Manager to hire.

How we work

STEP 1: Interview/Meeting - The scope of the analysis and optimization project is defined, which services will be included, in what terms everything will be completed, what methodologies and best practices will be used, special requests of the client; 

STEP 2: Offer - May include analysis only, optimization only, optimization evaluation only, or a combination of all or all services;

STEP 3: Signing a contract;

STEP 4: Analysis - A detailed analysis of the current way of working will be done (according to the client's assignment), after which recommendations for improvement will be given;

STEP 5: Optimisation - in our work we use various techniques, methodologies and good practices to improve the work of employees and processes in the organization so that they are maximally effective; 

STEP 6: Evaluation of the result - Within the assignment/project or from a previous improvement, the data can be evaluated against various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so as to establish whether the improvements have produced the desired and expected results and what exactly they are;

Invoicing and payment - For the convenience of the client, we offer the following options: one-time payment for the entire project, 50% in advance at the conclusion of the contract before the start of the engagement and 50% after the completion of the work, in parts according to the modules chosen by the client or on a monthly/weekly subscription.
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Techniques and methodologies

Some of the techniques, methodologies and good practices that we use in our work and will be the basis for optimizing your processes, building procedures and continuously improving them are:

IVD Optimisation

About Us

With our expertise of professionals with over 17 years of experience in the field of management, HR, optimization, change and transition management, we believe that we can be of service to you, so that your business, whether it is services or products, can be better and more efficient than that of your competition so that you really achieve the goals you set for yourself.